Jewelcrafting Changes: Don’t Buy in to the Hype

Hype. That’s all I can say. It has recently been reported by tons of WoW blogs that the sky is falling and that the world will end in 17 days. No, not really but it has been reported that Blizzard is going to murder the Obsidium Shuffle.

What’s “happening?”
MMO-Champion reported on PTR Build 13850 that ” * Bold Carnelian, Solid Zephyrite, Subtle Alicite, Perfect Quick Alicite, Sovereign Nightstone, Regal Jasper, Resolute Hessonite, and any cut of uncommon gem now sells to NPC for 75 silver instead of 9 gold.” based on that math, it brings the floor cost of a price of Obsidium Ore based on Gem Value down from a hefty 54g to a near non-existent 4.5g. This means that all of those great buys you’ve gotten recently on Obsidium Ore, could send you to the poor house.

However, I’m not buying into it. This is, at very best, speculation. MMO-Champion, in my mind, can oft times be viewed as the TMZ of the WoW world. Always first to break a story, but not really based on 100% fact sometimes. Who remembers Epic Gem Transmutes? You know, the one where their cool down was going to be removed from the game completely, and we were all going to be able to cash in on people looking to re-gem from Arm Pen to Strength? Then the patch went live and none of that happened?

I do. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Could it end up happening? Maybe. Is it plausible? I doubt it. Blizzard knows what they have in place, and I feel they have put it into place for a reason. My guess is this was a PTR oversight.

One of two things is going to happen. When this patch drops I’ll be sitting here with my foot in my mouth, or I’ll be saying I told you so. Either way, I’m not worried. I’ll continue to shuffle until I can no longer go to the vendor and sell for 9g.

The truth is, the world is ending and you are dying. But aren’t we all? I’m not trying to a pessimist, but it’s fact. How does that correlate? Why worry about things you cannot change? Just be able to roll with the punches :)