Crossing over to Magic: The Gathering Finance

I’ve finally gotten a couple of ideas that I want to share in article form, so I figure the best way to start is an introduction post that can bridge the gap between this sites original function and how it will be used going forward. I figured the best way to do that would be a simple Q&A post.

What is changing?
Same voice same person, different subject. My objective is to take the skills I learned mastering a virtual economy and bring them into a tangible economy. So while the subject matter may be different, the overall goal remains the same.

Why not start a new site?
It’s something I strongly considered, but at the end of the day, I’m proud of the previous content I produced and want it to remain available. The only way I can do that is to host everything together. So while World Of Warcraft is no longer a part of the site all of the content will stay.

Why MTG Finance?
I wanted a new challenge. I also wanted to achieve real tangible value. It’s no secret that several of us in the WoW Gold making community were able to use each others advice to dominate the economy. I want to take that skill set into MTG Finance.

Why write about it?
I enjoy it. I want to document what I’m doing. I want to learn and teach at the same time. If people read it and enjoy it, that’s great. If not, it’s still away for me to trend my tendencies and evaluate over the long term.

With that in mind, I’ve also updated the About page to give a general overview of what the site was and where it is headed. My goal is to bring articles that document what I’m doing and how I’m progressing. Hopefully I’ll have the fist example up within a week or so. Feel free to comment or catch me on Twitter @CappedMTG

More soon!

Makeover, update and more

Have made some changes over the past few weeks in preparation for changing the site. World of Warcraft is no longer a main focus of mine, so this site will no longer be solely dedicated to making Gold in the World of Warcraft. However, I’m proud of the content that I have produced so all of that content will still be available.

With that in mind, I’m still planning on covering virtual economics. I have just moved into a new economic system. One where the choices and plans I make put real money into my pocket, not just into to new fancy mounts.

My main area and focus of the blog will be covering my experience with finance in Magic the Gathering. If you’re reading this blog you’ve had some sort of interaction with Magic, so if your finance minded, I think you’ll enjoy it. Also, I’ll throw up anything else gaming related I find interesting as well.

You can still follow me on twitter at:
@CappedByCata or my more MTG centric account @CappedMTG

More soon!

Exploit the Bottleneck: Frostweave Cloth

I’m finally getting back into the grind.  I’m still currently working on my Mage.  I’ve found that the best way to level is to Queue for the dungeon finder and then hang around Org trying to be productive.  At least, for me, anyway.  I feel like I’m more focused and don’t become as bored as easily as I do with questing. 

With that in mind, I noticed I never finished getting my Mage to max level tailoring.  In typical fashion, I pulled up a leveling guide and got to work.  Soon, I found myself crippled.  Between level 375-425 there was almost nothing available as far as materials go on the AH.  The main material for those 50 levels is Frostweave cloth.  What I found on my relatively large server was a major shortage. This stems from the fact the cloth is found in Northrend.  With the majority of leveling players are skipping completely over the zone so there are very few players bringing the cloth into the market.

The average stack of Frostweave cloth averaged out at about 40 gold.  However, there were probably no more than 10-15 stacks listed at any one time.  Certainly not enough to appease a wealthy leveler trying to grind through those levels. 

I’ve devised a few strategies that I’m going to implement in order to take advantage of this shortage.  Hopefully, you’ll be able to implement these on your server as well.

Adding Frostweave to Scan: 
I know things have changed and there may be better avenues for scanning, but I still like Auctionator.  I’ve added frostweave to my list and I will scan for it when I scan for other items to buy at a low price.   With my average price coming back at 40g per stack, any stack I can pick up 30g or less is a no brainer.

Zone Farming:
This isn’t farming in a traditional sense.    Head to Northrend and fly around some of the higher end zones. Icecrown and Storm Peaks work well.  Spam general chat that you are looking to buy Frostweave cloth.  See if you can catch some levelers and provide gold on the spot.  Most players don’t mind you swooping in, cleaning out their bags and giving them some gold.

Own the Market:
Depending on your server, take a stab at this.  If your server is like mine, this is an easy market for easy on to control.  The supply is limited, so it doesn’t take constant supervision.   To do this properly, you will need to make sure you’re buying all incoming materials and price fix the market.  Keep supply artificially low while keeping the prices high.  For example, take my server price.  At 40g and roughly 15 stacks listed I would purchase all of the stacks, relist 8 of them and mark the price up to 75g per stack.  Do this and see how the market fairs.  Did you have undercutters come in behind you?  Did you sell your posted auctions?  Did you price yourself out of the market?  Adjust your strategy accordingly.

While I found this to work well with Netherweave cloth, it can also work just as well with other WotLK era materials.  This also spans other professions as well.  What other leveling bottlenecks have you found?  Any luck making them into profitable adventures?  Let me know!

Old Habits Die Hard

So, I’m not going to lie.  I’ve been resubbed for about 2 days.  A lot has changed during my time away from the game.  Loads of new content. Lots of abbreviations in trade chat that I don’t understand.  I don’t know any of the high end markets.  I don’t have maxed professions.  I ran my mage out to Kun Lei Summit, (Did I say that right? I know that’s close, or something else that’s Street Fighter related.) fought a tiger’s minions and rode a hot air balloon.  I decided I didn’t like questing as I have no idea wtf I’m doing, so I would queue for the dungeon finder and go about leveling that way.

With that, I hearthed back to Org and found myself with plenty of time on my hands.  What did I do? The only thing I knew how to do.  Make Netherweave bags of course.  I still had plenty of cloth left over from my stockpile and the price was still excellent.  Not the crazy high prices I experienced at the earlier parts of the expansion, but a solid 22 gold per bag.  Another thing that didn’t change is that demand is still crazy high.  I don’t undercut, I just post for 48 hours in the middle of the pack and let players buy into my auctions.

I’m going to hop back in and do some leveling tonight, but I’m also going to see if I can take back control of this market and own it.  At last scan only 79 auctions available.  26 were mine.  Highest price was 29g.  I’m going to cancel all of mine, buy out all the remaining and set the price to 50g tonight and see what happens.

My past two overnight sales have been about 50 bags each so I don’t see why it wouldn’t work.

Operation Reboot

Yep, it happened.  After listening to Res and Cold on the on the Eviscerated Gaming Podcast over at and texting with MSherretz of Auction House Junkies fame (pointless to link to that, as there is no content there anymore as I quit paying for the hosting service.)  I’ve decided to resub.

Partially because I’m interested in building a new gaming rig and partially because I never made it to 90, damnit.  So to keep my interest in the game going, I’ve decided to set a couple goals.  I figured I would write them down and share them with the three people who might read this when my account auto tweets the posting.

Battle Pets
“If you could choose between playing Pokemon in real life or world peace, who would your starter be?”

That pretty much sums it all up.  I never got into it, but after hearing about these fancy Pet Battle Leagues, I’d like to get it a legitimate try.  Couple that with the fact that you can make some gold with those guys, and I think it might be fun.

Level Toons
Yep, gonna do that too.  I might even transfer all my toons to one server.  $12.50 for a transfer?  What a perfect time to come back.  Anyhow, my Mage will get to 90 first (currently 88) followed by whatever doesn’t seem like a pain in the ass to level.

Get Gold Cap…again
A quick look at all toons across my main server and my total gold is 129,372.  No, I didn’t leave off a number or a comma.  I bought up a ton of mounts toward the end (Hello there see through kitty cat, I forgot about you) and actually gave a fair bit to a former co-worker.

With that said I’ll update this as I go along.  Probably mostly gold making, as I’m sure of the three of you reading this you couldn’t care less about me hitting 90.  I’m not up on recent market trends or anything like that at the moment, nor  do I have any strategies going forward.  But, I’m going to go out a limb and say all of the strats will still work.  So will see how it goes.

Also, as I have not kept up with the community feel free to say Hi! Or if you’re an old reader, drop a link to some active gold blogs, I’d love to have a good read at work.


Check out Episode 33 of Eviscerated Gaming Podcast!

Hey guys!  Just checking in and wanted to give everyone a quick update. I had the opportunity to be a Guest Host this week on the Eviscerated Gaming Podcast.  Lots of laughs and a good time with Cold of Cold’s Gold Factory, and Res of

So what are you waiting for?  Go check it out, I know Res put in some hard work editing to make it perfect for you.  Find it right here: Eviscerated Gaming Podcast Episode 33: “The Nut Ninja”

As always feel free to catch up on past Episodes of The Auction House Junkies Podcast as well :)

Pro Tip: Don’t be afraid to reset Living Steel

Now that I’m finally digging into MoP, I wanted to post today about Living Steel.  Thanks to Mike (@MSherretz) and Cold (@SSmith0911) from the Auction House Junkies podcast for letting me in on the Living Steel trick.  Because I’m well late to the party, I won’t sit here and try and explain the process for Living Steel but it’s pretty simple.  Ghost Iron Ore>Ghost Iron Bars>Trillium Bars>Living Steel on CD with each transmute spec Alchemist you have. (I have four!).  With that out of the way, I want to get to the meat of the subject, the Living Steel market it’s self.

Two days ago, my Living Steel Market was at a solid 700g per unit and moving as quickly as things were being listed. When I came home yesterday after the patch, my auctionator informed me the price had dropped to 500g.  My first assumption was well, Ore must have came down in price, and I almost went ahead and listed anyway.  However, I decided I’d take a look and see what was going on.  Upon review, the majority of the market was still hanging out at 688g.  However, one seller had listed three bars and dropped his price to 550g, while the other had undercut him even deeper with 4 bars at 500g.  Rather than following the downward trend, I decided I would stop it and make a profit with it.

Knowing how much demand out weighs supply right now and how fast these bars are moving, I quickly bought out all 7 bars, and relisted them, along with the 5 I had just made (Hell yea, LS Proc!).  I worried a bit at first, but two hours later, all 12 bars had sold for the 688 price that I listed them.  So on top of the profit made from just using my transmutes, I made an additional 1166g by simple moving the market back in an upward direction. 

Long story short, Living Steel has a gated supply.  There is no reason at all to lower the pricing.  This is one of those examples, that even if you list higher then the lowest item the demand will buy back into your price bracket as well.  Be smart with what you’re doing, especially at this point in the expansion.  Markets are volatile, but Living Steel is a great example of being able to ride a market upward.

Cold’s Gold Factory Blogging Carnival: Market Comparison

It’s carnival time over at Cold’s Gold Factory!  I haven’t been able to participate in one of these for several months, but I’m writing again and wanted to make sure I jumped back in.  Gold carnivals are great and allow readers to get the opinion of different writers writing on the same topic.

This month topic for blogger’s is to compare two markets, and how they are handled differently.  For my markets, I’m choosing two that I activley participate in.  Gems and Glyphs.  Now, please be advised my markets have been a little rough over the past couple of weeks due to the expansion annoucement, so this is how I normally go about things.

This is going to be a very unique perspective for you guys.  The way I do glyphs is very different from the way most people do them.  While most gold makers will post and repost their glyphs several times during the day, I post every glyph I have on a 48 hour posting schedule.  The reason I find myself doing this is because it’s not a main market for me, and I find the micromangement does not usually lead to an increased income.  Moreover, I list all of my glyphs far above the lowest listed price.  This allows me to capitalize on those moments when not glyphs other than my long duration glyphs are listed.  Now, this could change with a far amount of new characters coming in MoP, but after that settle downs, I will continue to use this strategy.

This has been my main market for a very long time.  I’ve written a lot about gems in the past here on Capped By Cata, so I won’t rewrite everything but the way I work with gems that is the most successful is walling.  I run massive gem walls and essentially bully people out of the gem market. The way I do this is by having a deep inventory and not being afraid to undercut deeply and pay a little more posting fees.  I run my walls on a 48 hour cycle and do not cancel and repost.  So if I get undercut, I repost another wall underneath the person that undercut me.  Eventually, they figure out that I’m a bit crazy and leave my market.  It has worked for a good while now.

Hopefully this is a good example of how I look at markets differently.

Preparation for MoP: Farming of Course

During a recent twitter conversation, I was talking about my Mage who I will be taking through the MoP content first.  This is the first time I haven’t been focusing on my warrior in an expansion.  However, with my Scroll of Res mage, I’ve fallen in love.  It’s more fun to play than any other class to me, so it’s getting first shot at the on goings in Mists.  With that in mind, I find myself pretty bored in the game.

I’ve done all the PvP gearing I can with the character, and I have no desire to raid on it at this point in the game.  I find myself logging in, posting auctions and logging off.  With that in mind, I figure if I’m going to be sporadic about my playing, I may as well do something productive.  So here is my plan.

I’m going to pad my mage with an extra 100k. All by farming.  I know what you’re thinking, what can you farm that you’re going to be able to sell?  The answer is simple.  Netherweave.  Netherweave that is going to be used to craft into netherweave bags.  Here is my plan:

Currently, on my server, bags sell for around 30g. However, given the overwhelming demand at the very beginning of Mists, I feel the price could easily raise to 50g a bag and go steady for a few weeks.  It may even spike more if the supply runs out.  50g is a conservative number, so that’s what I’m going to use for this example. My goal is to farm up 2000 stacks of Netherweave cloth.  We’re 52 days out so that means I need to average 39 stacks a day to make that 2000 stack goal.  That would mean, at the go of MoP I would have 2000 bags ready to sell.  At an average 50g per bag, that’s 100k I’d be able to snag in the first week alone.  During this time, I will also be snatching up any cheap cloth I can find on my own.  If I could manage to gather 3000+ bags, I would feel pretty well prepared.

Some of you may be questioning two things.  How am I going to store it, and how am I going to sell it all?

Up until about a week before the release, I plan to keep the cloth in bolt form within my guild bank.  About a week to two weeks ahead of release I’ll start crafting the bags.  Anything I can’t fit in my guild tabs I will store on the Auction House.  If they sell they sell, if not I’m still ok. 

3000 bags seems awfully overwhelming and hard to manage, but in all honesty, I don’t think I’ll have to manage it for long.  With the onset of Pandas and my recent move to high pop Arthas, it should be an easy venture to move 2000-3000 bags.  At 5 bags per player 400 people have to make pandas for me to sell out of 2000 bags.  Given close to a 100k population on my side of the server, this should be a none issue.

Think it will work?